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Discover Germany | Special Theme | CeBIT 2015

FRITZ & MACZIOL FRITZ & MACZIOL introduce the expanded Dynamic Power Cloud Manager and new Business Analytics-Appliances with IBM Power 8. TEXT & PHOTOS: FRITZ & MACZIOL | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE

FRITZ & MACZIOL present the latest 1.6 version of their Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM) and introduce two new Business Analytics-Appliances for IBM Power 8. The further developed DPCM is now available after AIX, for operating systems IBM i and Linux on Power. Enterprises can use this convenient management solution across platforms for IBM Power environments. A genuine added value is also offered by the two new appliances for business analytics. In Hannover we are also introducing an AIX based edition with IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration as well as a version for Power with proof of performance with Linux and Hadoop. The trade fair appearance comes under the slogan “practice tested solutions that are already in use with many other clients.” Dynamic Power Cloud Manager With the Dynamic Power Cloud Manager FRITZ & MACZIOL offer a solution that will automate and manage the deployment of virtual servers for IBM Power systems under AIX, IBM i and Linux. The heart of the solution is an intuitive-to-operate web-

58 | Issue 24 | March 2015

based front-end through which the user can optimize or alter the system environment. Version 1.6 makes the creation and management of LPAR-Profiles easier. This can be done, for example, without an OS-installation. This is of special benefit to IBM i and Linux on Power environments whether installed automatically by an existing installation server or manually. DPCM is an instrument outside HMC, Virtual I/OServer and POWER-firmware which contains all the information necessary for recovery of the system environment. In a worst-case scenario LPAR-profiles, as well as AIX- and VIO operating systems can be automatically be restored on another system or the same system in minutes. A special user tool (Viewer) for IT / Accounting Managers allows a quick overview of the system, capacity management and performance graphs. Business Analytics – myAppliance for medium to large clients. With two new Power-8 based appliances for the area of business analytics FRITZ &

MACZIOL make access easy to edited information from various sources for medium to large clients. Its special feature is that based on the usual requirements of analysing data volumes, “myAppliances” can be configured on a made-to-measure basis. Alongside AIX based versions with IBM BLU Acceleration firms can also have versions in various configuration levels for Power with Linux and Hadoop. In these, evaluation tools from various sources can be incorporated in the front-end. F&M are at CeBIT 2015 on the IBM partner-stand in Hall 2, Stand A10.