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Discover Germany | Special Theme | CeBIT 2015

Main image: Herrenhäuser Gardens, Great Garden. © Nik Barlo jr. Above: Herrenhäuser Gardens, Golden Gate. © Hassan Mahramzadeh Opposite page, below: Exklusive Shopping at Möller und Möller. © Möller & Möller Right: Marienburg Castle. © EAC GmbH (top) Marienburg Castle, „On the way to the crown“ exhibition. © EAC GmbH/Patrice Kunte (below) Below: Meiers Lebenslust. © Meiers Lebenslust (left) Brauhaus Ernst-August. © Brauhaus Ernst-August (middle) Kastens Hotel Luisenhof. © Kastens Hotel Luisenhof (right)

rarities, cacti and succulents, can be visited all year round. The royal garden inspector Christian Schaumberg employed extensive landscaping to create the stunning Georgengarten, an idyllic English-inspired landscape full of water, meadows and rare trees. Since 1727, the 1,800-metre long, four-row lime tree Herrenhäuser Allee has traversed this idyll, and it has long been the ideal stretch for a walk or a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Marienburg Castle – a neo-gothic dream Your love as a monument: When King George V of Hannover wished to present his wife, Queen Marie, with the Marienburg Castle as gift, he had no idea that his declaration of love would one day be considered one of Germany’s most impressive and most significant neo-Gothic architectural monuments. Awoken from a Sleeping

Beauty-esque sleep, the Marienburg Castle (built between 1858 and 1867) fascinates visitors even today with its fairy-tale appearance. With battlements, towers and turrets seducing at first glance, the interior has been kept virtually intact. The Marienburg Castle is still in the hands of its familial owners. The head of the household, HRH Crown Prince Ernst August of Hannover, is the great-great-great-grandson of Queen Marie and King George. Marienburg Castle remains open to the public, and during the season visitors attend popular themed tours of the castle, concerts and events. While the castle’s restaurant is gastronomically impressive, the climb up the Castle Tower is an inimitable opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary view over the Leine valley and the Calenberg Land right across to Hannover.The former stables and coach house have been transformed into a restaurant and event space for weddings and other occasions. Shopping paradise par excellence Didn’t you know? Hannover’s Georgstraße and the adjacent Bahnhofstraße are considered among Germany’s most popular shopping streets. But there’s much more for shoppers; look no further than the host of shops on the Niki-de-Saint-PhallePromenade, the boutiques in the ErnstAugust-Galerie and the Galerie Luise, as well as the charming Old Town. Everything that can be exclusive, is: Just take a visit to the El Dorado of the Georgstraße vis-à-vis the Hannover Opera House.

casually low-key, be it a bar, disco, club or pub – you’ll find everything from hard rock to funk and soul right through to Schlager. Hannover’s craft beer pubs are a brilliantly quirky way to start the party. Home-brewed beers of many types go han- in-hand with the chef’s mouth-watering delicacies at both Meiers Lebenlust and the Brauhaus Ernst-August.

From the glamorous to the quirky – Hannover’s nightlife has it all

Regardless of how long the night goes on, Hannover can be relied upon to provide excellent accommodation. In the heart of Hannover you’ll find the stylish, charming and modern 5 Star Superior hotel, the Kastens Hotel Luisenhof. From the four Star spectrum, the city centre has a host of offerings, which all guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay in Hannover.

In the evenings we take to the slopes. Whatever you’re after, be it glamorous or

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