Discover Germany | Issue 24 | March 2015

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Page 46

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Easter Temptations

Exclusive chocolates made to order Switzerland’s Schwander Chocolatier Suisse conjures truly unique sweet creations. The exclusively handmade and personalised chocolates, exciting taste blends wrapped in designer packaging, are one of a kind. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: IVO SCHWANDER


“Our chocolate is 100% handmade, one can see and taste the exclusivity and the passion of the chocolatier,“ Manuela Chiesa Schwander, owner of the small business, explains. Focussing on product personalisation, Schwander Chocolatier creates individual carrés, confettis or truffes for clients, for weddings, birthdays or other special occasions.“We produce freshly according to our customers‘ individual orders which ensures the great taste,“ the owner says. The couple’s family business has been constantly growing since its foundation in Merenschwand five years ago and is Ivo Schwander’s childhood dream come true. “He lives for chocolate,“ his wife ads. Only the freshest and finest ingredients

are used in the traditional manufacturing process.The quality, sustainability and origin of the cocoa bean plays the most important role, while producing small quantities ensures uncompromising freshness. “The design of our packaging is really special too. Little chocolate squares are affectionately

wrapped in premium and beautifully designed paper.They don’t look like your normal chocolate bar,“ Mrs Schwander says. Unusual combinations, also available online, include chocolate with lassi or truffes with champagne. Clients favour the white chocolate with orange yoghurt and the white chocolate with passion fruit combinations.“Even customers who aren’t usually fond of white chocolate love these,“ Mrs Schwander reveals. Schwander Chocolatier also offers team events, where one can produce one’s very own chocolate bar or chocolate bunny.

Below: Box of pralines.(left) Schwander Chocolatier offers a wide range of chocolate carrés. (middle) Chocolate bunny – perfect for Easter. (right)

GALERIE AM ROTEN HOF ARCHAIC - IN WOOD AND LINEN Sculptures by Evgenia KUDRINA (Moscow) Tapestries by Beate von HARTEN (Vienna)

EXHIBITION 03/27 - 04/23 "Slow art for a fast time" - the motto of Beate von Harten – her textile works grow slowly, almost organically from all-natural, high quality materials on simple looms; just as slowly and organically, the figures of Evgenia Kudrina emerge from a tree trunk, ridding themselves gradually of all that is unnecessary and foreign until a sculpture of symbolic and magical power is revealed. Piaristengasse 1, 1080 Wien +43 676 783 55 25 WED to FRI, 1pm-7pm & SAT, 11am-3pm and by appointment.