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Home of the Baumerfladen – Voland’s fine confectionary Made in Switzerland’s Töss Valley in the canton of Zürich, Voland’s most original and exquisite baking and confectionary creations, such as the authentic Baumerfladen, are a top tip not only amongst insiders. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: VOLAND

Fresh rolls, smooth chocolates, fine pralines and a selection of seasonal products such as the most delicious chocolate Easter bunnies are carefully hand-made according to traditional recipies in the Bauma based headquarters andVoland’s four subsidiaries in Steg, Wald, Rüti and Bäretswil. “Confectioner’s art for afficionados“ is how owner René Schweizer describes his produce and he continues:“Each creation is a feast for the senses, a real personality, a surprise like the sound that comes out a musical instrument or the voice of an opera singer." Quality is key and all chemical preservatives and artificial flavours are banned in Voland manufacturing. All ingredients are carefully sourced, ideally from regional suppliers, and turned into confectionary masterpieces by the skilled members of theVoland team. Employees are re-

44 | Issue 24 | March 2015

warded with a partnership programme, thus every single one is highly motivated and loyal. Certainly one of Switzerland’s best kept secrets, an absolute must-try and house specialty is the Baumerfladen, a unique hazelnut-filled type of gingerbread. For over a century the precious recipe formula has been handed down from generation to generation in the Voland bakery and confectionary house. “This tradition lives on through my craftsmanship. Being the only one who knows the original recipe, I personally create the gingerbread and guarantee the authenticity of the original Baumerfladen with its home-made nutty stuffing,” Schweizer proudly explains. At Voland the art of confectionary comes alive; upon registration, groups of three or

Main image: René Schweizer with the famous Baumerfladen From top down: Colani Easter bunnies Hand-made with love Fine patisserie for every occasion

more are welcome to participate in a confectionary masterclass and learn how to garnish gingerbread, make braided bread or create chocolate in the Steg branch. 2015 is an exciting year for theVoland bakery as the Bäretswil branch will undergo a complete refurbishment programme and be extended by a cosy coffee lounge; also a brand new water cutting machine has been acquired allowing even more precisely cut production in a contemporary manner. Catering by Voland for private and corporate events reaches from fine tea-time bakery products to the more hearty apéro (apéritif) small bites selection, and a selection of gifts including personalised Baumerfladen are available in-store and online.