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A small name with big achievements Not your usual caddy trader: Switzerland’s TOPCADDY stands for top design, top quality and top prices, while distinguishing itself from other caddy suppliers with a profound interest in meeting clients’ needs in a friendly, attentive, flexible and inexpensive way.

Roger Fehr seeks to be a reliable supplier who customers can fully trust. With TOPCADDY, Roger Fehr managed to realise a desire of many golfers: the desire to find a caddy in between the existing low-cost junk and the too expensive high end caddies.

Top: Product range of TOPCADDY. Photo: Roger Fehr Below: Roger Fehr, TOPCADDY’s owner. Photo: Foto Basler Aarau, Schweiz


Established in 2013, company owner Roger Fehr sells the inexpensive TOPCADDY Push alongside the luxurious TOP ECADDY. Both models impress with an unmatched price-performance ratio, which is achieved through a reduction of distribution channels and model diversity. “My market competitor from Zurich offers the same product and until I entered the market, its price was exorbitantly expensive.Then TOPCADDY came and immediately created an astonishing market penetration because the price was decent, the product great and the service perfect,”Roger Fehr explains.

40 | Issue 24 | March 2015

“I take time to individually and personally advise each customer. Quite often, my customers come over to have a drink with me after golfing. It’s all about being able to offer customers something special. I can adjust or reconstruct the product, as well as undertake colour individualisation in my own workshop if the customer wishes,” Roger Fehr says. “I unpack each caddy, test and grease every screw and hinge and test all of the functions. My customers are 99.9 % satisfied,” he adds.