Discover Germany | Issue 21 | December 2014

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Design in Dialogue Communicating meaningful experiences through architectural designs The Hamburg based Störmer Murphy and Partners are an architectural firm who succeed at articulating the natural environment, urban context, and history of a location. TEXT: JAIME SCHWARTZ | PHOTOS: STÖRMER MURPHY AND PARTNERS

For the firm, led by lead architects Jan Störmer, Martin Murphy, and Holger Jaedicke, a design is not simply a way to build a building but a way to build conversation. “For me, every project starts in my head,”explains Jan Störmer.“When something comes into form, I take a pencil to paper and seek a response.”The firm aims to begin a dialogue with their designs that does not end once a building is completed. Mr. Murphy tells:“We are interested in making designs which have an impression on the user but one that arises from their own personal experience of it. We prefer to see our designs as an impulse that can create

86 | Issue 21 | December 2014

new and continuous lines of thought and communication.” These notions are relevant to the firm's recent hotel projects as traveling undoubtedly opens up new channels.“Travelling is such a great education,”acknowledges Mr. Murphy.“You get the chance to have new experiences, time to see new things and really learn what you enjoy.”Naturally, hotels play a major role in travel and the forging of memories.“No one really wants a hotel experience that reminds them of home,” claims Mr. Murphy.“What they really want is something more, something that feels

Jan Störmer and Martin Murphy (right) © Bruch