Discover Germany | Issue 21 | December 2014

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Vivid living – creating spaces that inspire Architecture is not just buildings. Architecture creates places for people to enjoy themselves, to live in and to experience. Nattler architects bring orientation and new shapes into being. TEXT: LEONIE PUSCHER | PHOTOS: NATTLER ARCHITECS

“Ideas for new designs and projects develop from being alert in different situations, brief moments that inspire, visual

Heinz Hecht, Dipl.-Ing. Architect, managing director and Heinz Nattler, Dipl.-Ing. Architect BDA, owner

78 | Issue 21 | December 2014

stimulations and from communication with other people.” Thomas Hoextermann, member of the board of directors at Nattler architects, speaks for the team.“Ideas also develop from experiences and advancement of thoughts.These ideas form a guiding theme. For us that means to grasp and understand spaces, to take in surrounding conditions and to then create responsible and sustainable architecture.” Nattler Architects is one of the largest architecture bureaus in the Ruhr region in Germany. Since 1949 it has been their goal to create the best possible outcome for their

customers and partners. In the centre of their work is the construction of office buildings, shopping centres, cultural facilities, schools and pre-schools, health centres, department stores, commercial buildings as well as private housing. The dedicated team of Nattler architects realises projects over the whole of Germany and in neighbouring countries. Based on their holistic approach, creativity, know-how and extensive experience, they act as consultants, planners, architects, interior designers and managers. One recent project is the perfect portrayal of the extensive skills of the team at Nattler architects. Hotel Franz**** in Essen, in the west of Germany, is unique of its kind. The Hotel is part of an integrity firm that focuses on the equal treatment and inclusion