Discover Germany | Issue 21 | December 2014

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Bringing aesthetics to its highest level Doctor Markus Handle is an international specialist in aesthetic facial surgery Every part of the human face changes with age – a process that cannot be stopped but slowed down with efficient plastic surgery, be it with minimally invasive or surgical techniques. Markus Handle, certified by Professor Ivo Pitanguy, is an accredited plastic surgeon in Austria and Switzerland. His very special field of expertise is the face. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: DR MARKUS HANDLE

“The human face fascinates me, it always has, it’s the mirror of ourselves,” surgeon Markus Handle says. For working as an aesthetic surgeon it is fundamental to have broad and profound surgical skills. Aes-

36 | Issue 21 | December 2014

thetic surgery is always an elective medical treatment, meaning all risks have to be minimalized. A surgeon and his or her team have to meticulously plan several treatment steps. “We have to take all stress factors

from the patient to give him or her the chance to focus on the regeneration and wound healing,”Handle explains.“Only if the patient fulfils all the necessary criteria for a minimally invasive or surgical treatment does my team start to plan a treatment sequence. This includes factors like realistic expectations, good health and also trust in the surgeon.” New individualised concepts of analysing the patient are important for Markus Handle as they lead to more natural and long