Discover Germany | Issue 16 | July 2014

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DISCOVER MODERN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AS A SUCCESS FACTOR FOR YOUR COMPANY Industrial design is becoming ever more important in people’s purchasing decisions. A brand can only be successful once it has achieved the right blend of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. With this guiding principle in mind, we develop innovative solutions. Our signature: balanced forms reduced to their essential elements. Clear lines combining aesthetics with functionality. Objects which stand out through their high-quality materials and finish, as well as their physical appeal. Understated yet striking, our design exudes elegance and harmony. Experience the success that modern industrial design can bring!

sample work intelligent high-tech mini camera designed on behalf of Frauenhofer-Institut Germany

Emamidesign’s spectrum includes: • Strategic consulting for product development and product optimisation. • Industrial design for consumer goods, key areas, electrical engineering, household appliances and lifestyle. • Design management.

Trust the Winner 52 x international awarded: among them the Red Dot Award (best of the best), iF Design Award (Gold), the Good Design Award Japan and USA and the German Design Award. Nr. 1 of the worldwide red dot design ranking for the best design concepts since 2011


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