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The apple of your eye Centuries’ old tradition and modern interior design come together in the stunning ceramic apples in the Royal Blue Collection. The objects, ranging from five centimetres to giant, one metre wide (limited edition) apples, are decorated with a contemporary interpretation of the famous Delft Blue design. TEXT: MYRIAM GWYNNED DIJCK | PHOTOS: MONIQUE vAN LAAKE FOR INSIDEOUT LUXURY

The apple signifies love, youth and fertility and has an attractive, curved shape. Sabine Struycken, founder of interior design label InsideOut Luxury, developed the apples. She says: “The idea was to create an object that would translate Delft Blue into something contemporary. The apple was the perfect fit and it is a combination I find beautiful myself.”

laborated with painter Caroline Hartman who works for Royal Delft. Each apple is hand painted by Hartman and carries a certification of authenticity. “Royal Delft is a brand that is keen to reinvent itself, so my idea really resonated with them. Caroline converted my concept into beautiful drawings, exactly as I had imagined,” she adds.

The white apples are decorated with the characteristic, cobalt blue images, such as the peacock and the poppy flower, as an ode to the craft that started in the Netherlands in the 16th century. To bring it in line with modern taste, the apples have a discreet, asymmetrical design. “It is still very recognisable as Delft Blue and the apples are created according to the traditional process.” For the Royal Blue Collection, Struycken col-

The seed for the collection was planted several years ago, when Struycken began importing coloured glass fruit by the German design label Bull & Stein for InsideOut Luxury. “Initially the Delft Blue apple was something I wanted for myself, then I realised there is nothing quite like it on the market.”

38 | Issue 20 | August 2015

editions and can also be made on demand. “It is even possible to customise them. For example we can include a family coat of arms,” Struycken says. InsideOut Luxury is a label that specialises in exclusive, handmade interior objects that tell a story. For years, Struycken gave professional advice about interior styling and her love for distinctive, quality objects lead her to found InsideOut Luxury in 2010. “I started the business from my own stand point; what are the types of items I would like to own, what kind of service would I like to get?” she concludes. “That’s still how I operate today.”

The luxury apples are available in a series of four different sizes and limited, numbered