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Living green furniture: combining function with style Where indoor plants were once seen as a simple addition to the interior, nowadays they are an indispensable component of it. Plants are not only functional, but also have a high aesthetic value. TEXT: BErThE van dEn hurk | PhOTOS: nTrLk

“Indoor plants are so much more than just a supplement of the interior,” says Cora noordam, owner of nTrLk. “Plants have a purgative effect, removing particles from the air and providing clean oxygen. They are especially suitable for places where many people gather, like businesses, fairs and schools. More and more people start to see the added value of indoor plants.”

nesses, and also advises the passionate grower, exporter or retailer.

With her company, noordam combines function with fashionable interior design. nTrLk is a young and dynamic company with a passion for natural, fresh, green and flowering plants characterised by its trademark; a hint of each style. noordam invents exclusive ‘green’ concepts and provides bold, chic and tasteful plant styling services for concepts stores, shop windows, fairs and busi-

While many people have little time spare for maintenance thanks to their busy lives, we do want to have plants and nature close by. This is especially the case in public places where people gather. however, when designing ‘green’ indoor spaces, there must be a certain ‘vandal proof-ness’. This limits the choice in plants. noordam: “We quickly label the common indoor plants at public spaces as old-fashioned and outdated but

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according to noordam the right plants are the finishing touch of any interior. “Plants are a part of the interior and as indispensable as any other piece of furniture. Therefore we like to say that plants are the living green furniture.”

these plants are actually the most useful. It’s all about presentation, in my designs I create a new added value for these plants, a new mood.” raised as a gardener’s daughter, noordam has a broad industry knowledge and has created a stable network around her in the recent years. nTrLk translates indoor green to stylish interiors, to show people all that is possible with plants. noordam: “There are fantastic plant nurseries, with the very best and most beautiful plants but they cannot always translate these into the current design trends, since they are engaged in culturing the plants. Making that translation is the task I have taken upon me.”