Discover Benelux, Issue 75, March 2020

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Jos Frederiks

Every business is a people’s business TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS  |  PHOTOS: VIDASENSE

Businesses are more than a collection of statistics, business cards and paperclips. It is the people behind it who give a brand its fire, uniqueness and success. An unhappy, unmotivated or unsatisfied team can, therefore, impact your accountancy tremendously. VidaSense founder Jos Frederiks helps you to reignite the fire in your team and induce a renaissance within your halls. In his book Change your words to change your life, Frederiks zooms in on the power of words, honesty and great communication. After a successful, fast-paced career in the world of sales, Frederiks felt that it 72  |  Issue 75  |  March 2020

was time for a change. “I worked in businesses of all sizes for 20 years,” says the businessman-turned-coach. “I saw businesses grow from 35 to 900 people, led entire sales teams and made it until the board room. Yet, after a take-over of the company I worked for, as well as multiple reorganisations, I got fired.” Shaken by this experience and fed-up with the impersonal attitude that you find in many white-collar environments, Frederiks followed his instinct and immersed himself in psychology. “I read every book I could find, got in contact with numerous professionals and even tagged along with a psychologist for an entire year. I started going to Bandler (the founder of Neuro-

Linguistic Programming (NLP)) in the United Kingdom and the United States, which I still do, to date.” `

“The road to success is fully paved with obstacles well handled”

Together with a business partner, Frederiks started a practice. A few years after, this same business partner doublecrossed him, after which Frederiks ended their collaboration. “This experience taught me a very valuable lesson: honesty is the most valuable thing there is, both in your professional and personal life.” With this philosophy in mind, he founded VidaSense, a multidisciplinary practice in which he and his team help compa-