Discover Benelux, Issue 73, January 2020

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New year - time to shine With the start of the new year upon us, we suggest it is high time to start shining and standing out from the crowd. Add a bit of sparkle into your wardrobe and it will do just the trick. Go bold with reflective fabrics or incorporate shiny statement pieces into your 2020 wardrobe. TEXT: INGRID OPSTAD  |  PRESS PHOTOS

Shine all day Jeff is a collection from Brussels, refined and casual at the same time, as it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This metallic pleated skirt, which is available in both grey and black, will make you shine all day and all night as it can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Jeff, metallic pleated skirt, €139 Jeff, V neck mohair jumper, €115

Big trends We love this beaded bucket bag from Zara. It combines a shiny finish with animal print in a perfect way, both of which are big trends right now. Add this funky bag to any minimal outfit to make a statement in the new year. Zara, beaded bucket bag, €99.99

Cause a scene Cause a scene in these sparkle boots from Dr. Martens. These hard-hitting boots are sprinkled with iridescent micro glitter particles which are then coated to hold them in place. They are available in teal or purple shade, and a great staple pair you will have for years to come. Dr. Martens, ‘1460’ sparkle boot, €169 8  |  Issue 73  |  January 2020