Discover Benelux, Issue 70, October 2019

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Discover Benelux  |  Culture  |  Lifestyle Calendar parties, celebrated artists and dozens of interesting lectures and panels about their beloved genre. You don’t have to be an expert or professional to join the event, yet, you might just end up becoming one along the way.

De Grote Schijn 18 – 27 October, Rotterdam, the Netherlands With the dropping of the wet, amber leaves, the woods and their mythical creatures awaken. In the Kralingse Bos, just outside of Rotterdam, you can join a most-magical walk amongst the trees. Don’t expect any actors dressed up like dwarfs, though. Smoke, light, water and colours do the trick and bring the trees to life on this two-kilometre autumn walk.

Jenever Festival 19 – 20 October, Hasselt, Belgium In the Flemish city of Hasselt, they drink Jenever as if it were water. Literally! During the annual Jenever Festival, the delicious spirit even spouts from the fountain, Het Borrelmanneke. Besides this tipsy fountain, the festival offers plenty more activities and tastings in the city centre and at the interesting Jenever Museum.

Dutch Design Week 19 – 27 October, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2,600 designers, 350,000 visitors, 110 event locations and more revolutionary design con-

Dutch Design Week. Photo: Boudewijn Bollmans

Film Fest Gent. Photo: Jeroen Willems

cepts than modern calculus could count: these figures sum up why Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is not to be underestimated. Whether it is interior design, fashion, graphic design or a crossover of all three that floats your boat, this prestigious event has all it takes to satisfy your deepest design hunger.

Amsterdam Halloween 26 October, Amsterdam, the Netherlands If you have ever seen the original The Ring, tiny characters crawling out of TVs probably still terrify you. If so, try to avoid the Westerunie in Amsterdam on 26 October, as this year, ‘A Japanese Horror Story’ is the theme of the

Photo: De Grote Schijn

Big Bang Festival. Photo: Dries Segers

66  |  Issue 70  |  October 2019

Amsterdam Dance Event. Photo: Niels De Vries

Le bain de cristal - Rene Magritte (1946). Photo: RMFAB, Brussels Succession Magritte c-o SABAM

Netherlands’ biggest Halloween party. Come dressed up in your freakiest outfit and party the scariest night of the year away… If you dare.

Big Bang Festival 27 October – 10 November, Antwerp, Ghent & Brussels, Belgium Nothing is as cute, inspiring and fascinating as awakening children’s fantasies. The travelling Big Bang Festival exposes the young ones to all kinds of adventurous, colourful music in a myriad of activities. No sit-down, stay-silent festival here, but an interactive paradise for your small, curious explorers.