Discover Benelux, Issue 65, May 2019

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Photo: Visit.Flanders

Roadside gastronomy TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS

When on a packed city trip or business getaway, there isn’t always time to sit down for a lengthy meal. Instead, we often opt for a quick bite on the go. But that does not have to mean you must miss out on local specialities. The Benelux cuisine offers a myriad of tasty traditional food at booths and take-away restaurants; hot and cold, sweet and savoury.

Poffertjes The Dutch are masters in the art of baking pancakes. In the many pancake houses of the country, they surprise you with both sweet and savoury pancakes. Yet, most typical are their ‘poffertjes’. These tiny, airy pancakes have yeast in them, letting them rise like real cakes. Usually, they serve you 12 of them with a bit of butter and some powdered sugar on top. As to the roots of the dish, we can only guess. Rumour has it that it was discovered in a monastery. Other stories say that it was originally French and only got introduced in the Netherlands by Napoleon’s troops. Regardless of its origins, poffertjes are as Dutch as they come today, and a musteat on your trip to the Netherlands. 60  |  Issue 65  |  May 2019

Photo: Tijs Zwinkels