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Wandering through the 6,000square-metre grounds of wellness resort Waer Waters, there is much to discover. In every nook and cranny, there is another experience waiting, all designed to accommodate a healthy mind in a healthy body. The site offers a huge range of sensations through hydrotherapy, exercise, revitalisation and nutrition: every day of the year. “It’s a holiday crammed into a day,” says Jonas Van Poucke, marketing manager at Waer Waters. “There is so much on offer: steam baths, saunas, plunge pools, swimming ponds, experience showers, an ice fountain, Turkish baths and much, 72  |  Issue 59  |  November 2018

much more.” In the sports club, guests can exercise on the fitness equipment or join one of the 51 group lessons, whilst the spa offers massages and other beauty treatments. “To top it off, we have three different food concepts that offer a matching culinary experience. Our guests always leave the resort feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.”

with or without swimwear. Despite being located near Brussels, the resort is set in a tranquil, green environment that allows you to enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view from the outdoor saunas and meadows.

Different zones for a comfortable atmosphere

“Some members pop in before work, others turn up in the evening, for fitness followed by a pampering session, after which they relax in a deckchair in one of the meadows to enjoy the fresh air whilst watching the sunset.”

The wellness area has two separated zones, allowing both clothed and nude guests to relax in their preferred manner. It provides many choices: you can spend your time inside or outside, hot or cold,

Waer Waters sets itself apart with its sheer range of activities and experiences that are on offer. “If you want to experience every facility we have, we recommend coming