Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

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Let’s get wild Truth be told: it is not the most subtle look. But crazy prints are frequently seen in shops this summer. Not to worry however, it is possible to wear this look without looking like a walking work of abstract art. TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA

All-over print It might look a little crazy to you, but not to worry. If you keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple - jeans, trainers; you know the deal – it will give the perfect summer look. € 29,99

Ticket to the tropics Embrace the summer spirit with a funky shirt. Basic colours make this shirt suitable for your everyday outfit, while the print adds just that extra bit of cheerfulness. € 59,95

Subtly crazy Are wild prints too crazy? Think again! If printed on flip flops, they look good on everybody. And the best thing? Seven per cent of the cost goes to the conservation of Brazilian fauna and flora projects. € 18 6  |  Issue 54  |  June 2018