Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

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THE BEST OF ‘MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS’ We showcase the Dutch brands you need to know about across a variety of different sectors.

Dimitri de Roeck Interiors The excellent craftsmanship of designer Dimitri de Roeck and his team will turn each renovation project into a success story. (Read more from page 16)

Jeroen Elswijk Vioolbouwer With a deep love for classical music and over 25 years of experience, violin maker Jeroen Elswijk repairs, restores and builds new instruments. (Read more from page 18)

Orgelmakerij Steendam Experienced Orgelmakerij Steendam preserves a long tradition of craftsmanship, always prioritising the highest quality and the best sound. (Read more from page 19)

Willemijn de Koning Sieraden From being a lawyer, to opening up a dance school, to starting her own atelier to create jewellery – you could say that Willemijn de Koning is a jack-of-alltrades. (Read more from page 20)

ByLaura Laura Lormann-Zwartelé creates beautiful handmade jewellery under her brand ByLaura, with the idea that each piece of jewellery should have a special meaning. (Read more from page 20)

Oorbellen van Marthje With a strong signature look and excellent craftsmanship, the jewellery from Oorbellen van Marthje stands out from the crowd. (Read more from page 22)

BouwJeBootje BouwJeBootje have created a building kit with which kids can build their own boat. It comes as a complete package, including screws, glue and filler. (Read more from page 23)

Vedette Jachtbouw By educating their staff themselves and using modern-day technologies, Vedette Jachtbouw make sure each and every yacht they deliver is top range. (Read more from page 24)

Novanta Yachtservice Novanta Yachtservice is a one-of-a-kind yacht company, specialising in technical and cosmetic maintenance of GRP motor yachts. (Read more from page 26)

Beekmann Expertise Independent yacht surveyor Beekmann Expertise offers services such as purchase surveys, valuations and investigations, and reports for disputes and settlements. (Read more from page 26)

POTVERDORIE! Potverdorie!’s jams and chutneys are sold at more than 50 delicatessens in and around Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands. (Read more from page 28)

Cupbliss With its positive messages, cups by Cupbliss changes the way we drink our workday coffee, but also the way we think about responsible entrepreneurship. (Read more from page 29)

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