Discover Benelux, Issue 53, May 2018

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The fine art of furniture making TEXT: MALIN NORMAN  |  PHOTOS: KUNTZ EN MEUBELS

With passion and dedication, furniture designer and master of cabinetmaking, Jasmina Kuntz, combines art and design into unique pieces of furniture and interiors. “Most of the work I do is art to me,” explains Jasmina Kuntz, and elaborates further; “I work with a mix of materials such as wood, glass, plastic and stone. You can really play when working on a design and it’s possible to generate different emotions, making the customers feel a certain way, yet create furniture that they can actually use. This is what craftsmanship is all about.” As a young designer, Kuntz was impressed by the craftsmanship in furniture making as well as the proportions used in architecture. She has been making furniture since 2000 and since 2012, she has combined this traditional knowledge and expertise in cabinetmaking with contemporary design under her own brand, Kuntz en Meubels. The first object where her design language really came together was the impressive striped table Nuca, where Kuntz cleverly blended the use of 22  |  Issue 53  |  May 2018

different materials and light and dark colours into a truly stunning design.

and needs, they also establish a personal contact with the designer herself.

Tailor-made and personal

According to Kuntz, designing furniture is indeed a very intimate experience. “I can see that living amongst beautiful things makes people happy. When delivering a piece of furniture, the greatest moment is when I see the look on their faces, then I know I got it right.”

Based in her studio and workshop in Delft, Kuntz designs and manufactures exclusive furniture for living and working spaces. Her beautiful designs include, for example, kitchen tables, chairs, bookcases, cabinets and wardrobes. Based on the first appointment with the customer to map out preferences and the range of possibilities, the designer starts freely sketching on ideas for that particular request – with a firm belief that there are no boundaries when it comes to designing furniture. “For me, it’s like meditation,” Kuntz admits, and continues; “I’m putting a huge part of myself into the work. There are many steps in building furniture and every detail has to be perfect, to guarantee the best quality.” From concept to finished product, Kuntz is in charge of every step of the process – including handcrafting the actual pieces – and the customers get not only unique, tailor-made furniture specified according to their own wishes

Jasmina Kuntz, furniture designer and master of cabinetmaking.