Discover Benelux, Issue 53, May 2018

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The silver lining of WE design WE design has been a cherished maker of jewellery for many years. By combining excellent craftsmanship with years of experience, the Dutch company provides people with chronic conditions with handmade, elegant silver braces for fingers, thumbs, hands and wrists. The most important role of WE design’s jewellery is providing stability and supporting daily functioning for people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis (MS). However, the elegant silver jewellery is also fashionable, thus WE design’s products are not only made of silver, they also have a stylish silver lining to them. “Most importantly, our designs have to be functional and provide support. But we always try to create organic silhouettes and natural lines according to the shape of the body,” founder of WE design Wouter Engelshoven explains. Originally a goldsmith, the outstanding skills shine through in every design. With 20 years of

experience, he and his passionate team carry the signature of fine craftsmanship combined with the latest medical technology. “All of our braces and splints are made of real silver,” says Engelshoven. “You can wear them anywhere and everywhere. They won’t rust, nor will they absorb moisture.” All braces and splints are custom-made after a request from an orthopaedic engineer, to whom clients have been referred by a medical specialist. The small team of WE design can create the perfect fit in no time.



The underestimated power of a school’s coat rack TEXT: ELLA PUT  |  PHOTOS: SCHOOLKAPSTOK & BINNENRUIMTE

Children use it every day, yet there is little or no attention given to the potential problems that an inadequate coat rack could cause at schools. It can get messy, children can hurt themselves on sharp edges and, if worse comes to worst, the coats may contain lice. Luckily, there is a solution. “It was time for a change,” Jolanda van Holten, co-creator of the Schoolkapstok explains. As an interior designer and mother-of-three, she decided to create a coat rack for schools that would be sufficient for everyone involved in a school’s daily activities. In no time, the R3 model was born; a coat rack that was sustainable, strong and, most of all, safe. Coming in several shapes and sizes depending on the wishes of the client, the coat rack contains soft and smooth edges, meaning children do not get hurt and it is easy to clean after a day out and about. Furthermore, 20  |  Issue 53  |  May 2018

little wood barriers and nametags divide the small coat hangers. The simple, yet surprisingly efficient solution is not only perfect for school; it can also be used at nurseries, sport associations, libraries or museums. Jolanda: “But it’s also for individual users. We would like to expand our market as much as possible.” And after all, everyone needs a coat rack. Jolanda designed the Schoolkapstok in a successful collaboration with designer Marcel Vroon from Binnenruimte. In the upcoming months, they will introduce a new model. In the shape of a snake, the newly developed coat rack will have a playful element yet keep its functionality. Just like all other designs of the Schoolkapstok, it can be adapted according to any wishes. But most of all, it can bring a little piece of mind. Web:

Safe, sustainable and strong. The coat rack comes in all shapes and sizes and is the perfect accessory for any public or private building.