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Discover Benelux  |  Business Profile  |  Centre de Yoga - La Source

Rediscover your natural rhythm TEXT: ANNA VILLELEGER  |  PHOTOS: CENTRE DE YOGA - LA SOURCE

The demands of modern life can lead to endless stress, which in turn can cause poor judgment, exhaustion, and illness. But what if you took time to reconnect to your natural rhythm via yoga and meditation? As Denise Pesch and Fredric Bender, owners and teachers at Centre de Yoga - La Source in Luxembourg, explain, the physical and psychological effects are abundant. “Yoga is a wonderful spiritual path which enables the practitioner to feel inspired, mentally clear and blissful. One feels connected and in harmony with the environment, so perceptions are less likely to trigger a stress response,” explains Fredric, who has been a devoted yogi for many years now. He started practising aged 23, recalling how his first class was so uplifting that it felt like an ‘out-of-body experience’. Denise, who has been affectionately described as Luxembourg’s ‘grande dame of yoga’, is equally enthusiastic. “I attended my first class at 16 when there were very few yoga classes in Luxembourg,” 60  |  Issue 50  |  February 2018

she recalls and remembers the deeply spiritual experience. “I knew straight away I would continue with yoga my whole life! Now I’m 66 and I still love practicing and teaching. I feel the benefits every day.” La Source offers a range of different Hatha Yoga styles which involve physical postures, breathing techniques and other practices to strengthen body and mind. Also popular are pregnancy yoga and lower back yoga. The latter comprises exercises to eliminate stiffness and alleviate Frequent traveller? Follow Denise and Fredric’s steps to achieving in-flight relaxation: - Feel your seated posture - Place the feet parallel on the floor - Place the knees over the ankles, thighs sinking into the seat

pain, and is the perfect antidote to sitting behind a desk all day. Ready to see how yoga can benefit your health? La Source offers classes of varying lengths, ranging from 60 minutes to two hours. All teachers at the centre stay true to ancient yoga traditions, allowing pupils to experience a blissful state, free from stress and full of renewed vitality! Web: www.yoga.lu

- In a slow, steady rhythm: Relax the feet…ankles…calves…knees… thighs…pelvis…back…abdomen… chest…hands…arms…shoulders… neck…face…jaws…temples - Relax the lungs…heart…brain… whole body - Inhale naturally…Exhale naturally…

- Maintain the spine straight and relaxed, shoulders relaxed and head balanced

- Continue calmly. Rediscover your natural rhythm

- Close the eyes

- Open the eyes gently

Profile for Scan Client Publishing

Discover Benelux, Issue 50, February 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 50, February 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.