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Livecom: cherishing your customers TEXT: CHARLOTTE VAN HEK  |  PHOTOS: LIVECOM.COM

Improving customer satisfaction, boosting sales, and enhancing trust in your brand: the Livecom Multichannel solution serves all of your goals. The Dutch-based business helps companies to communicate effectively and consistently with their customers. Livecom offers one solution that allows companies to communicate in a better way with their customers - whether that is via mail, telephony, web chat, proactive chat, web self-service, or social media. Founded in 2003, the Dutchbased company was one of the first providers of commercial chats in Europe, and has since grown into a customer contact channel gaining a reputation among companies in every sector, all over the world.

The solution offered by Livecom is used to work more efficiently, create a higher conversion, and increase customer satisfaction and insight for managers. Yet each business uses Livecom’s solution in a different way. “One hundred companies have one hundred different ways of communicating with their customers, and aim to reach one hundred different goals,” explains Patrick van Eijl, sales manager at Livecom. “While some companies would like to decrease the amount of emails sent, others opt for proactive chat based on business rules on their website to increase the online conversions rates. Instead of focusing exclusively on Customer Relationship Management, we have shifted to being a Multichannel, whereby customer interaction sits in the high seat.”

Livecom’s portfolio is adorned by major names from every sector: Philips, Hero, CZ health insurance, Douwe Egberts, BMW and municipalities like Den Haag and RotP van Eijl terdam. “Like no other we understand the importance of a good relationship with your customers,” Van Eijl concludes. “We know our customers well and continuously help them with any new challenges they might face.” Web: www.livecom.com

Stout Verlichting: lighting that looks like art TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA  |  PHOTOS: STOUT VERLICHTING

There is hardly anything more important in a home than lighting. It gives you the right atmosphere, but it needs to be functional as well. A hard task to complete, yet Stout Lighting knows how to do it. “We make sure everything is perfect.” After being in the business for 25 years, the Stout family know how to handle lighting. “We started by designing and producing small items,” begins Sander Stout. “Later, we started working with an atelier in Italy and we have been working with them ever since.” Stout Lighting produces lighting in all sorts of materials and colours. Each item is different, but they have one thing in common. “It’s our own design and our feeling. We mix classic and modern design, with function and atmosphere in mind. It needs to look beautiful, but you still need to be able to read a book.” 42  |  Issue 48  |  December 2017

A good example is the Candle Fusion collection, specially made in their atelier in the Netherlands. Stout explains: “On top you see a candle that gives you soft atmospheric lighting. Below, there’s a spotlight that gives you extra light when you need it. Both are separate so you can make them as bright as you want.” Another special item in the collection is the Bijou lamp, which looks more like a piece of art than a lamp. “We make prints of branches in sand and pour bronze into it. Then we add the clearest glass there is to give a special light effect. This is a tailor-made design, perfectly in tune with the space and the customer’s wishes.” That is exactly what Stout Lighting is all about: beautiful form and function.

Web: www.stoutverlichting.nl

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Discover Benelux, Issue 48, December 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 48, December 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.