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Discover Benelux  |  Metz  |  A Vibrant & Beguiling Modern City


Offering delectable dishes that blend exotic influences, Restaurant Thierry Saveurs et Cuisine is the ultimate destination for modern ‘gourmands’ in Metz. Set in a quaint, 16th century building in the historic centre of Metz, Restaurant Thierry Saveurs et Cuisine whisks diners off on a culinary journey to the four corners of the globe. Both the décor and the dishes offer up a veritable taste of the exotic. In a relaxed yet refined setting, the chef tantalises guests’ taste buds with meals bursting with flavour: braised lamb tagine with lemon and couscous transports you to the souks of Marrakesh; Thai green tea soup with chicken and coconut to the buzzing streets of Bangkok; California rolls, with tuna and crab marinated in teriyaki sauce, to the neon lights of Tokyo. All restaurants in France worth their salt have a good wine list, and Thierry Restaurant

Thierry Saveurs et Cuisine is no exception. The vintages come from far and wide – wines from New Zealand and Chile are available, but so too are home-grown varieties, such as the Pinot Noir from Molozay Château de Vaux on the outskirts of Metz. The culinary journey on offer is second to none, as the restaurant’s guestbook confirms; everyone from Japanese tourists to local businessman have eaten here, and all agree that they have not left disappointed. If you dine here in the summer months, you can sample the fla-

vours of the world on the restaurant’s outdoor sun terrace.

‘A perfect balance of culture, luxury and gastronomy’ TEXT: NDÉLA FAYE  |  PHOTOS: LA CITADELLE

Located near the historical centre of Metz, La Citadelle is a four-star luxury hotel that offers guests an ideal setting for family holidays, quick visits and business trips alike. With a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a number of conference rooms available, the hotel is able to cater to guests’ every need. La Citadelle was originally built in 1559 in Metz’s military citadel, and the area’s rich historical past is still tangible. “The building is part of the Historical Monuments Register, along with some of the most notable buildings in the area. The architecture and décor is impressive, along with its large arched vaults that add to the historical feel,” says Christophe Dufossé, the hotel’s manager and chef. The hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Magasin Aux Vivres, serves a range of dishes made with seasonal local produce, as well as exotic specialties. “I am a chef by trade and food is my passion. I want guests to en42  |  Issue 42  |  June 2017

joy traditional food from the Lorraine region, mixed with influences from all over the world,” Dufossé explains. In addition, regular private cookery classes, led by the top chef, are held to allow diners to brush up on their cooking skills, discover new ingredients and learn new techniques. With four large conference rooms, the hotel is also

an ideal spot for business seminars and meetings. “There is plenty to see in the city, and the surrounding Moselle and Seille rivers add to the city’s charm. La Citadelle offers the perfect retreat with a perfect balance of culture, luxury and gastronomy,” Dufossé concludes. Christophe Dufossé.