Discover Benelux, Issue 41, May 2017

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Raffles honours Indonesia’s food tradition TEXT: DAAN APPELS  |  PHOTOS: JORIS LUGTIGHEID

In the year of its 24th anniversary, The Raffles takes you centuries back to the great gastronomic history of Indonesia and the whole of the Indonesian archipelago. This restaurant in The Hague provides the best food and herbs, accompanied by Wine with a capital ‘W’. The Raffles is an established name in the region of The Hague. The parents of owner Frank Deuning were born on Java, the island that many see as the herb Valhalla of the planet. He is proud of his Indonesian roots; the inte-

rior of the restaurant is almost a copy of the interior of his grandparents’ home on Java. The walls are filled with pictures typical of Java from before the Second World War. But most of all, he is honouring the great food tradition of ‘his’ Indonesia. Thai chef Vichai Boonyuen has been working at The Raffles since its opening, and over the years has been the passionate architect of many great dishes. Deuning himself is the in-house wine expert. With his wines from all around the world, he has participated in many Wine World Cups and won several national trophies in food

and wine competitions. He was once named ‘Dutch wine expert of the year’. “Indonesia was, in the colonial era, one of the first countries that came in touch with South African wines that the settlers had brought with them. Therefore, I have been brought up with good wine and I know how it can contribute to the great food of Vichai.” The Raffles kitchen is open Tuesday until Saturday from 5.30pm - 10pm. For more information, check (also in English).

An endless choice of culinary quality TEXT: CHARLOTTE VAN HEK  |  PHOTOS: DE GOUDEN WOK ZUIDERPARK

De Gouden Wok Zuiderpark in The Hague has taken the meaning of unlimited enjoyment to the next level. This Asian fusion restaurant serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet from various cuisines, providing something to suit all tastes. From Japanese sushi to crispy fresh wok dishes, and from carpaccio to grill courses: De Gouden Wok Zuiderpark has it all under one roof. The extensive buffet allows guests to enjoy dinner in their very own way, with literally something for everyone. Recently the restaurant enhanced its buffet with choices outside of the Asian atmosphere by adding pizza, French patisseries, a seafood buffet and a chocolate fountain. Although the line of choice seems endless, it is still the quality that makes De Gouden Wok Zuiderpark unique. Food is prepared while you wait, with fresh, high-quality ingredients being the hallmarks. “Besides a fair price and endless choices, we constantly change our buffet to 16  |  Issue 41  |  May 2017

meet the wide variety of palates of our guests in the best way,” says owner Cheng Kuo. The restaurant hosts two separate spaces: the smaller seating room is the perfect décor for any business lunch or event. Rather than being charged for each dish, the bill depends on the amount of time spent in the restaurant, and is set immediately when entering the restaurant. “That way, people do not have to worry about anything anymore, and can just enjoy what they came for: a lovely evening of eating, drinking, and conversation.”

Celebrating your birthday? You eat for free at De Gouden Work Zuiderpark!