Discover Benelux, Issue 39, March 2017

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Enter The House To Be, a place where business coaches and trainers will help you to balance your rational mind with body and soul, and unleash your creative powers. It will not only make you a happier person, but also a much more effective professional. In the northeastern part of Brussels, just inside the city’s ring road, a quiet revolution is underway. Here, in The House To Be, some 20 business coaches and trainers led by CEO Marleen Boen are championing a new way of working, and a new way of being. Their call for change is being heard ever more loudly in the Belgian capital and beyond, as more and more businesses are finding their way here to set up business meetings, networking events, seminars and training events, workshops, coaching sessions or relaxation and si68  |  Issue 39  |  March 2017

lence sessions in what they feel is the perfect environment.

for their particular purpose. They can also choose from a range of activities to engage in.

“What it comes down to in essence is that we offer businesses a working environment that feels like being at home. Rather than just balancing life and work, as was preached in the previous century, today’s modern business environment calls for the integration, not the separation, of life and work,” begins Marleen.

“Our philosophy is that you will have much more effective and creative input in your meetings if you let in some emotional creativity,” explains Marleen. “This is why it’s important to combine these meetings with a very different activity, such as fitness, yoga or music making.”

Emotional creativity

Laughter yoga

The House To Be offers 14 different rooms of different sizes. Rooms accommodate between two and 90 people, and all have their arrangement, lighting, available sunlight, temperature and sound optimised to create a pleasant and optimal environment. Businesses that want to hold their meetings here can choose the ideal room

Clients can choose from a range of activities and facilities. They can use a fully equipped fitness facility with personal coaching options, go outside and free their minds on a walk through the surrounding countryside, take part in a variety of yoga sessions, including laughter yoga, go for a massage, undergo infrared