Discover Benelux, Issue 39, March 2017

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How leisure became our brand equity TEXT AND PHOTOS: BHVK LEISURE

We all love to share an experience, a good story, or anything intriguing. Whether in an online or offline environment, we seem to have an insatiable need to share - and if we do not share an experience it is as though it never happened. Leisure has been defined as a quality of experience and usually emphasises dimensions of perceived freedom and choice. In other words, it seems that in this decennium of big data and social networks, we are all trying to highlight our leisure moments. More than 50 per cent of the world population uses the internet. Through our mobile phones, the internet, e-mail, television, radio and so on, we process an average volume of 34 gigabytes of information each day. An overload of information has unconsciously led many people on trails set out by large global companies. 30  |  Issue 39  |  March 2017

How are these companies able to meet the demands of all their different clients?

Creating a carefree holiday experience As more people choose not to follow the managed path of mass tourism, the search for tranquility, space and quality have allowed the term ‘leisure’ to quickly establish itself in the holiday market. Ensuring to meet modern standards in quality, service, personal attention and creating a carefree holiday experience are the unique selling points that give value to the BHVK Leisure brand.

Enjoy your leisure time With a growing amount of choice, it is the customers’ desire for reliability that has led to BHVK Leisure’s success. As an independent holiday letting agency, we are a reliable partner that guarantees

customer demands are met and allows for 24/7 personal contact throughout your stay. Our mission “Enjoy your leisure time, don’t waste it”, was introduced in 2011 and continues to encompass our corporate identity. Regardless of the advertising budget and efforts made by big global businesses to lure customers, the approach of making one-time sales is being replaced by the development of long-term relationships. You might be making use of a product or service right now that is being provided by the company that satisfies you the most consistently.

Unique locations Providing customers with a ‘leisure experience’ is about creating a feeling of pleasure, enjoyment and happiness. Because we all lead different lives, we are looking