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Chocolate the way it is supposed to be TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA  |  PHOTOS: CHOCOLATERIE SWEERTVAEGHER

When you say chocolate, you say Belgium. Belgian chocolate is known to be the finest. So, if you are the one representing it on two worldwide stages, your chocolate has to be the best of the best. Would you like to have a taste? You can, at Chocolaterie Sweertvaegher. The secret? Keep it simple. Chocolaterie Sweertvaegher’s recipe has not changed since 1933. “That’s what people like about us, it’s the taste from their youth,” explains Sheila Vanden Heede, who works in the store together with owner Jan Verougstraete. They make each and every chocolate from the atelier located in their home. Chocolate in simple flavours - no added chilli or caramel; just the way chocolate is supposed to taste. “We use fresh products, no dyes, and make chocolate the way it’s been done for 84 years.” If you favour white chocolate though, you are at the wrong address. “I think we’re the

only chocolate shop in Belgium that doesn’t offer white chocolate. Simply because it’s not really chocolate. Cocoa should be the main ingredient.” Like the taste, the interior is still the same as well. “Empire style,” says Vanden Heede. “Our store at 17 Korte Steenstraat in Kortrijk is the original, but of course we have an establishment in Bruges as well - it’s the chocolate cap-

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ital of Belgium. You can find it near the chocolate museum at 29 Philipstockstraat.” Fancy some retail therapy with a side of chocolate? The Antwerp branch of Chocolaterie Sweertvaegher, situated in the De Wilde Zee shopping district at 8 Groendalstraat, is the one for you. Better still, visit all three branches! www.sweertvaegher.be


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Discover Benelux, Issue 38, February 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 38, February 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.