Discover Benelux, Issue 37, January 2017

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The Arena Boulevard in Amsterdam is a top-notch location, where literally thousands of people come by when they go to a concert, party or movie. There, you can find JinSo, a modern yet relaxing lounge bar and Asian-style restaurant. The restaurant understands that if you are in a hurry for an event you will not have time for sumptuous dining, so they serve your meal within 20 minutes. JinSo stands for innovation and a new beginning, and is a place where quality and service are highly valued. The business set foot in the area 15 years ago and has experienced all the changes that have been made in this continually evolving entertainment destination. JinSo’s neighbours are hardly small players: there is the Ziggo Dome, one of the biggest arenas in the Netherlands and a known address to international performers. Then there is AFAS Live, formerly known as the Heineken Music Hall, where smaller scale events 64  |  Issue 37  |  January 2017

take place. Then, of course, there is the Amsterdam ArenA, famous for being the football team Ajax’s safe haven. For movie lovers, there is a big Pathé.

Service and quality

The events going on at these locations are of great importance. JinSo makes sure the staff is up to date about upcoming events. The restaurant offers a nice ambiance for their guests, right before they need to head to their event. One of the big advantages of JinSo is that the kitchen will make it their job to serve your meal within 15-20 minutes. However, staff do not make concessions on quality: everything is fresh and authentically prepared. On the menu, you will find a balanced selection of iconic dishes from the Far East, like a Thai Beef Paneng curry, Cantonese roasted pork Cha Siu and a Nasi Goreng Indonesia, based on a 50-year-old family recipe. JinSo is in good company with its big neighbours. By now it knows how to

serve people the best possible way, but it is also a place where business associates can come for a drink and have a quiet talk with each other. Because of its big success, there is also restaurant ichi-E. This is a Japanese sushi restaurant ‘pur sang’, opened just five years ago. It is always packed with people, even when there are not any events going on. Pay this great place a visit, and you will find out why.