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we clearly define goals and targets and devise a plan that will deliver on those targets in the best possible way.”

It was truly intense and inspiring, and it shows the virtues of bold thinking and careful planning.”

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New challenges

An excellent example of Fast Forward’s overall strength in strategy, creative and production is the Ghent Floralies. Earlier this year, Fast Forward broke new ground by moving this 200-year-old event from the Flanders Expo Convention Centre outside Ghent’s city centre to the many historic architectural sites inside the city’s medieval walls. “It was a tremendous success. Rather than showing all those beautiful flowers in the somewhat sterile environment of a convention centre, we put them in the context of the city, with artists from all over the world creating the most stunning floral works in dialogue with Ghent’s wonderful historic architecture.

Looking to the future, Pascal can see bright prospects for his company. “Provided we keep looking forward,” he adds. “If you look at the rapid change the industry has undergone over the last decade, it tells you that you continuously need to make an effort to respond to new developments. The internet has especially made a big impact. It has changed the way we approach the build-up towards an event, the way we can boost its reach and the way we can capitalise on its success, with people posting pictures, likes and comments and adding to the conversation surrounding a brand.” On top of this, technology such as video,

Ghent Floralies

projections, sound, lights has become much more sophisticated. These days, similar budgets will buy production values Pascal could never have dreamt of ten years ago. Looking back at the past, Pascal expects new developments to come along and disrupt the industry in the future as well, but he is confident Fast Forward is ready to respond. “We’ve become one of the leading event marketing and brand activation agencies in Belgium, with a flexible core of around 20 people working at our offices. Within this structure we are able to take on new opportunities without comprising on the work we do for our existing clients. It’s a chance we relish. As I said before: we like a challenge!” www.fastforward.events/en

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Issue 34 | October 2016 | 41

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Discover Benelux, Issue 34, October2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 34, October2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.