Discover Benelux, Issue 32, August 2016

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Dress your tech Technology has become an essential part of our lives: we spend more time behind our computers and phones than we like to admit. Why not give your appliances a makeover with these attractive accessories?



2. Marble art Match your laptop with the tables in fancy restaurants and make those working hours a little bit more decadent with a touch of marble. €34


1. Cover up Casimoda is a leading brand for technology accessories in the Benelux. There is something for everyone amid their huge variety in phone and tablet cases. Will you opt for a typical Dutch canal-side street or an old Volkswagen van? Both: €16


3. (Lip) stick it! Fool everyone with this USB-stick disguised as a lipstick. Fun and practical, it can hold up to 8GB in space. €9


5. 4. I’ve got the power! Where would we be without our chargers? No messing around with cords anymore, with this fun powercase you will have the power almost everywhere you go. €30 8 | Issue 32 | August 2016

5. The perfect selfie This fashionable phone case in rosé gold by LuMee lights up as soon as you take a picture, creating a special effect to bring the best out of your selfie. €60