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You never knew a plant-based burger could taste this good


Cold-pressed juices, fresh and filling salads and sugar-free desserts; you will find it all at ROOTS Amsterdam. One thing you really must try is one of their burgers, which are also plant based and very delicious. “If you don’t like it, you get your money back. But that never happens,” says Liset Burrie. It took Burrie and her partner Jørgen two months between having an idea and opening their store. Today, ROOTS is a huge success. “It has been a rollercoaster since the beginning and still is, every day.” This place is a take-away store, yet it is not a quick in and out kind of place. “It can be, but I think part of our success is how down to earth and sociable we are. When people come here, we always have a chat.” Every meal you can get at ROOTS is organic, free of refined sugars and mostly gluten free. Do not expect a lean salad though. “We want to make people aware that they

don’t need meat per se. Which is why for us it’s important that people get a meal that has enough nutrients. So they get a salad, but it’ll be one with chickpeas, spelt and beetroot for example.” Or one of the burgers of course, like the Italian one. “That’s popular! It’s made with sweet potato, quinoa and tomatoes.” Many customers have been pleasantly surprised by their healthy options. “We hear that a lot. People don’t expect plant-based food to taste this good. And that’s exactly why we started ROOTS.”

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