Discover Benelux, Issue 32, August 2016

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With a mixture of simplicity and elegance, the team at the heart of Ma Langue Sourit aims to bring the tasty experience of food back to basics through a dynamic and ever-changing menu that will satisfy big and small cravings. In the words of chef and founder Cyril Molard: “Julie, four years old, just had the tastiest chocolate mousse and she says with delight ‘my tongue smiles!’ - this expresses exactly the feeling we want to give to our customers when they come to our restaurant.” With sober, yet elegant, decor designed to relax and present the meals in a fashionable ‘artde-la-table’, guests will find themselves spoilt by gastronomy that pleasantly and playfully triggers the senses. First, visually, with a selection of the best products and secondly with an explosion of flavours. Giving a special importance to cooking with the best and freshest products, every item on the menu will be adapted to the 14 | Issue 32 | August 2016

seasons. “The current star of the summer carte is a ‘tartelette du jardin’ made with a mousseline of green celery, cucumber, meringue with anis, fennel jam, spinet sorbet and a sugar-free aneth-based whipped cream,” says Molard. Nothing short of a firework of tastes to please a wide spectrum of palettes. Guests will find a diverse and creative menu in all seasons to discover the newest dishes put together by the talented Ma Langue Sourit Chef.

said that the mission of this restaurant has been accomplished. With a great address for a hearty meal in the heart of Luxembourg, it is the perfect excuse to make your tongue smile.

The goal of Molard and his team is to provide the customer with cuisine that is easy to understand, yet innovative and full of flavour, evolving with the seasons and based on a philosophy of gourmandise. As he explains: “The creation of this restaurant was the beginning of an adventure I really wanted, to build something out of passion, something that was going to be hard yet extremely rewarding.” Based on the highly positive reviews of both the food and service, it can be

Chef and founder Cyril Molard