Discover Benelux, Issue 31, July 2016

Page 60

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Amazed by the powerful fashion and exceptional handmade jewellery in Barcelona, Eva Franceus decided to take a piece of this Catalan city to Antwerp. It all started with a trip to Barcelona. “I discovered a little shop where they sold jewellery from French brands Nature Bijoux and Franck Herval and was amazed by the distinct character of the jewellery and its references to nature.” Franceus’ admiration grew further when her eye fell on a few little shops selling creations by young, local fashion designers. Not long afterwards, Naturelle was born in October 2015. Naturelle sells jewellery, handbags, accessories and fashion pieces. Items travel from Barcelona to Franceus’ shop in the historical centre of Antwerp – “although there are the occasional pieces from Portugal or France.” All pieces are handmade and have one aim: to accentuate and complement one’s personality, enhancing the uniqueness of an individual.

“Naturelle is the opposite of mainstream. We are an exclusive distributor of some exquisite French jewellery brands. Needless to say, their pieces are produced in very limited numbers!” When selecting the pieces, Naturelle opts for elegance, femininity, originality and the presence of natural elements. Shells, leather, gems: it all fits beautifully with Franceus’ oneof-a-kind philosophy on handmade quality. “Barcelona designers rarely follow trends or seasons, yet are always in style. Their designs are for women of any age who are not afraid to stand out, yet with a love for wearable fashion,” says Franceus. Her favourite look? “A simple, elegant outfit with one unique piece of jewellery as an eye catcher – perfect for strolling down Barcelona’s boulevard!” Summer sales from 1 July until 31 July Reyndersstraat 29-31, 2000 Antwerpen.