Discover Benelux, Issue 30, June 2016

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a lot myself and I know how important the setting is to feel relaxed in a new, unknown place,” says a hospitable Van der Meulen. “The bed must be excellent, of course, but it really helps if it is also nicely set. It will make you feel that you have moved in and that your holiday can start straight away.” And that can be at any time of the day. “I use a self-checkin system. Guests will get the code of a box outside the apartment with the house keys in it. That works really well. Some visitors might want me to be there when they check in. If they specifically request that, then that is also fine.” Shortstay Witte Heren is a fantastic place to start getting to know Haarlem, with its rich cultural history, its impressive Frans Hals Museum and Teylers Museum and its lovely ‘hofjes’. Those fascinated with history might be interested to find out more about Kenau, the heroic Haarlem woman who fought against Spanish rule in the Eighty Years’ War; or about tulip mania, which also took centre stage in Haarlem. And even Hansje Brinker, who put his finger in the dike, has a link with this region. But modern-day Haarlem has much more to offer. It boasts creativity, hosts lots of live music events and food markets and it is a great place to shop. If you are not sure where to start exploring, just book a few nights at Shortstay Witte Heren and Nicole van der Meulen will get you on track.

More short stay opportunities coming soon Soon Shortstay Witte Heren will be expanding. Four apartments will be established in a recently purchased traditional canal mansion on the Nieuwegracht. These apartments are set to be ready from 1 August 2016. These apartments can also be rented out to expats who, besides their busy working life, also want to experience the joys of Haarlem and some of the wonderful places in the vicinity, such as the world famous Keukenhof in Lisse, some of the poshest beach clubs of Europe – merely 15 minutes away – and of course Amsterdam which is easily accessible by train within 15 minutes.

Shortstay Witte Heren consists of two cosy apartments in a quiet street in Haarlem's old city centre.

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