Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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smaller, production hall can be used to brew these in the future. It is still a niche market though, especially attractive for Belgian beer lovers. “We have a more traditional taste in beer than for instance Americans and the Dutch. They’re more accustomed to beers containing nontraditional ingredients, we’ve used amongst others quince juice and sichuan pepper in some recipes. Nothing like this is off limits for Brouwerij Anders! though. It is quite the contrary,” says Volders: “You name it, we brew it!”

Volders says. “Our clients hail from the UK, the US, Scandinavia, France, India, Asia and Spain amongst others. And some of them have successful and rapidly growing beer brands.”

Gap in the market

That is why the Brouwerij Anders! recently expanded with a new production hall. This new hall will have a capacity of 100,000 hectolitres of beer per year, though they aim to produce only 40,000 in 2016. “Our goal is to steadily grow to this maximum capacity,” Volders explains. To meet the large demand, the factory is in operation 24/7. “This allows us to be flexible too, and quickly respond to a brewing request.”

The concept has proven to fill a gap in the market: starting out in 2012, the then small team was aiming for a slow but steady growth over several years. But within three years, they reached the maximum capacity of the brewery. “There’s an increasing demand from all over the world for specialty beers,”

Brewing a lot of different beers for a lot of different clients, comes of course with a huge responsibility regarding hygiene, a perfect quality, quantity and timely delivered beers. Brouwerij Anders! has got it all covered. “We use new bottles only, our quality manager is on top of his game and

Pieter tastes each batch before we send it to our client, to make sure it meets the specified criteria.” Within the four years of its existence, Brouwerij Anders! has produced many brews. Volders: “Beautiful beers which would otherwise not have seen the light of day, now have a chance to tingle taste buds of beer lovers all over the world.”

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