Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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Delicious Belgian specialty beers, exclusively bottled and labelled for your own brand: Brouwerij Anders! brews all sorts of high-quality beers, from traditional beers to ‘cold ones’ with surprising ingredients. Brouwerij Anders! is not your standard brewery. The Halen-based company brews exclusively for third parties, such as smaller breweries who need an increased capacity, associations interested in their own beer brand and home-brew enthusiasts eager to commercialise their beverage. At Brouwerij Anders!, specialty beers are brewed in a professional environment, freeing you from the trouble and expenses of setting up a brewery of your own. Almost 200 beers have been brewed already, but since Brouwerij Anders! custom brews all beers, a unique flavour is guaranteed. “Whether you already have a complete recipe written down, or you just have an idea for a beer, our team of 40 | Issue 27 | March 2016

specialists will advise you on everything related to the ingredients and the process,” commercial manager Nicolas Volders explains. “Quality is our top priority. We optimise taste, colour and bitterness until you’re fully satisfied, making it affordable even for individuals eager to distribute their unique home brew to a wider audience.”

Belgian tradition While all beers brewed at Brouwerij Anders! are unique, all of them have one thing in common: they are beautifully balanced and brewed with respect for the Belgian tradition. This is partly due to the background of production manager Pieter de Bock, who previously worked for Affligem, a well-known Belgian beer brand that produces different kinds of beers. Volders: “He knows exactly how to create a gorgeous beer. A few of those have even been nominated for an international beer award.” Which ones? That is a company secret. “But I

am sure you’ve heard of them!” Volders adds with a smile. A characteristic of popular traditional Belgian beers is its sourish taste. The popularity of these beers is on the rise again, and at Brouwerij Anders! the first,