Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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Luxembourg start-up J°Pour is being healthy made simple, delivering a nutritious boost to people all over the country, helping them to stay fit and full of energy. Its secret is the allnatural, cold-pressed juices packed with nature’s finest ingredients.

Starting out as a webstore where people could order the fresh juices, J°Pour became so popular they opened a café in Luxembourg City in October last year. The café, located in the Kirchberg business district, offers organic hot drinks, healthy meals and more, as well as their ten, rainbow-coloured juices. Alessandra Claus, junior business development manager, says: “We use the best fruits and vegetables. From preparing the ingredients to sticking the labels on the bottle, everything is handmade with a lot of love. We seek to offer the highest quality possible, which is reflected in the choice of ingredients to the usage of glass bottles to preserve the juices in the best way.”

A gentle process The strength of J°Pour is in the way the juices are made. By using the coldpressed process, they are created with14 | Issue 27 | March 2016

out heat. Therefore, not just the flavour but also the nutrients are preserved, providing an optimal health boost. Added to that, the juices are made from natural ingredients, selected to offer specific benefits to the body such as strengthening the immune system, detoxing or alkalising. Claus explains: “The fruits and veggies are shredded and pressed gently, so no heat is produced. When pressing with a centrifugal press, heat is created, which destroys part of the vitamins and minerals. This way they are preserved and stay intact for four to five days, staying fresh, super healthy and delicious.”

Superfoods in a welcoming atmosphere Aside from the colourful juices, the J°Pour juice bar serves superfood smoothies, chia puddings, kale salads, raw and vegan snacks such as the ‘power balls’ (made from coconut oil, seeds and nuts)