Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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A place dedicated to design, architecture, applied ar ts. In the heart of the Province of Hainaut, a few kilometers from the cities of Mons and Valenciennes, Grand-Hornu is one of the most beautiful architectural complexes dating from the industrial revolution. The site is now one of the leading cultural centers in Belgium devoted to contemporary creation. The CID - center for innovation and design at GrandHornu aims to promote contemporary design through a program of exhibitions and mediation activities highlighting innovation, experimental research, the emergence of new themes and horizons for research in the fields of design, architecture and the applied arts.

Exhibitions 2016 at CID — 31.01.2016 > 29.05.2016

al(l) Projects in aluminium by Michael Young

— 01.05.2016 > 14.08.2016

Aldo Bakker. PAUSE

— 18.09.2016 > 06.12.2016

Lionel Jadot. Mixed grill

— 25.11.2016 > 26.02.2017

Ceci n’est pas une copie Design between innovation and imitation

Rue Sainte-Louise 82, 7301 Hornu, Belgium - (15 min from Mons - Motorway E19 Brussels-Paris exit 25) - Opening every day from 10 AM until 6 PM, except Mondays - +32 (0) 65 65 21 21 More on