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Get love struck It is February, which means Valentine’s Day is not far away. With these desirable designs for couples, singles or as a gift to that special someone, we will help your inner Cupid shoot the arrow of love in the right direction. TEXT: ELLA PUT | PRESS PHOTOS


1. 1. The love tub Dutch studio Weltevree gave the classic loveseat an advanced twist and turned it into a love tub. This award-winning hot tub, with a very smart open-fire heating construction, is made from sturdy materials and is great for a hot date outdoors. €5195 www.weltevree.nl

2. 2. Tapas plate

3. Cupid’s arrow

A romantic dinner has never been this fun. With this portable, light-emitting tapas tray you will instantly set the mood for love. It is beautiful for presenting small dishes and also has stereo speakers built into it, so you can play your favourite tunes while gazing into each other’s eyes. €1471 www.joli.be

If you are not into the whole pink and red Valentine’s Day theme, then this will be just the thing for you. These decorative cushions from young and creative Belgian brand ROOMblush bring a stylish touch to the arrow of love in a decorative and cosy way. €42 www.roomblush.com

4. 4. A loveseat for singles This piece of furniture is not your typical love seat. Inspired by the way young lovers interact, Dutch designer Annebet Philips built this chair existing out of two parts. The parts fit together seamlessly and cannot function without each other. Price on request www.annebetphilips.com 8 | Issue 26 | February 2016

5. 5. Open sesame This cupboard is just a like a couple, it combines two unique pieces of furniture to become one. The vintage cabinet on one side and the minimalist dresser on the other lift each other up, bringing a world of balanced contrast into your living room. €4600 www.maak-creativity.be

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Discover Benelux, Issue 26, February 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 26, February 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.