Discover Benelux, Issue 25, January 2016

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Comfortable and cosy January, being the coldest month of the year, is the perfect time to get cosy. As we are forced to create a nice and warm place indoors, we have selected some designs to help you through this time in a comfortable and calm fashion. TEXT: ELLA PUT | PRESS PHOTOS

1. Heat me up This stove is a fast and comfortable heater. Because of its simple and compact design, it fits in almost every household or workplace. It is a modern approach to a good old classic fireplace, and will become the new living room centre piece. €3,500


2. 2. The everlasting blossom This perpetual flower branch, ‘Heracleum Endless’, designed by Bertjan Pot, multiplies by the metre until it might even grow out of reach! This lamp will light up the room, but most of all it is the creative branch design that will be a wonderful addition to your home. €2,091

3. Shine a light

3. 4. Comfortable cover

5. Sheep chair

Give your interior a luxurious update with this bull-skin carpet designed by Pols Potten. Made out of leather, this floor cover will bring an edgy touch to your living room and make your floor a comfortable alternative to the couch. €554

Not long ago, people kept themselves warm by wearing sheepskins. With the sheep theme in mind, designer Jolanda van Goor used the woolly mammals as inspiration, but in a more animalfriendly way. She created a chair modeled after the shape of a sheep, made out of sustainable ash wood and roving. Its shape creates a different dimension of sitting. €1,095


Who says tea lights are only for the holidays? They can brighten up the darkest room in the house or be used as table decorations during dinner parties. Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek has created a luxurious version of the all-time favourite winter decoration. It is a nice lavish touch to warm you up during the many hours spent inside this season. From €95