Discover Benelux, Issue 22, October 2015

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Clockwise from top left: Opening of the Value of Nothing (Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn); Libia Castro & Olafur Olafsson – Asymmetry. (Photo: Job Janssen & Jan Adriaans); New Romantic Spirit (Photo Aad Hoogendoorn); CBK: Hans Ittmann, Phoenix (1966) - Lloydkwartier (Photo Max Dereta, BKOR); Naum Gabo z.t. (1957) Coolsingel (Photo: Jannes Linders); Louis van Roode, muurschildering Olvehflat (ca. 1957) – Lijnbaan (Photo: Ossip Van Duivenbode, BKOR).

Engagement through contemporary art TEXT: MYRIAM GWYNNED DIJCK | PHOTOS: TENT / CBK ROTTERDAM

Using the power of contemporary art to question sentiments, explain issues or reveal new insights, TENT in Rotterdam engages visitors to reflect on modern society. The institution helps talented artists from Rotterdam and abroad to get their message across. Squarely rooted in the Rotterdam art scene, TENT connects local artists to the wider world and vice versa. Artistic director Mariette Dölle says: “Rotterdam is a very international city, with 175 nationalities living here almost the entire world is represented. This global outlook is found in our exhibitions – the artists are either from Rotterdam or have a special connection with it.” Also typical of TENT’s exhibitions is how they relate to current affairs. TENT, a programme of CBK Rotterdam, actively seeks out artists with a sense of engagement with society. “A great example is Jonas Staal who went around the world meeting

48 | Issue 22 | October 2015

people from non-recognised states. Also, Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s video project Maurits Script is very poignant – old colonial logbooks were read out by ordinary people, revealing how certain issues are still current today.” The name TENT is the abbreviation of exhibition in Dutch; tentoonstelling. But Dölle also likes how it fits the dynamic of contemporary art. “‘Tent’ conjures up images of a nomadic existence that moves with the currents of life. So it is quite a fitting name.” For next year CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam), including TENT, has a big manifestation in store. Celebrating 70 years since the reconstruction of Rotterdam after the Second World War, two parallel exhibitions will be held. Dölle: “Outside we’ll show works from the reconstruction period alongside contemporary artworks. Inside, we’ll show art with the theme ‘dreams for the city of Rotterdam’.”

WHAT’S ON 15 October to 10 January 2016: Motion / Labour / Machinery. Featuring young artists this exhibition raises questions about labour in the modern world, covering themes such as unemployment, automation and the changing human workforce via a mix of artworks. Radiant. This solo exhibition by Nicky Assmann comprises of four room-filling installations. The kinetic, light-emitting structures react to visitors and combine technology and science to redefine art in the 21st century. 22 January – 14 February 2016: Tribute to an Avenue. Films and sculptures explore alternative realities for Rotterdam’s Coolsingel. What would it look like if dancers, singers, skaters and kite flyers filled the boulevard, and if adverts made way for movies?