Discover Benelux, Issue 22, October 2015

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Discover Benelux | Best of Belgian Digital & Design | Lunar Gravity


Exotic digital projects, as well websites for digitally minded communicationagencies, is what the owner of Lunar Gravity, Glenn Fellows, calls his work. His company moves in the fields of digital design and he and his team love to take on projects that are complex. “That’s what makes us tick.” Nowadays digital projects pass by at the speed of light, or sound, a reference similar to the company's’ name as Lunar Gravity provides clients with ideas that can start out small and can develop into something bigger. “What’s new today can be old tomorrow. Making a website doesn’t go by today as it used to. Today clients give us a budget and expect a digital product that can be iterated on. The internet is evolving fast, and every day is different. Everyone can

upload and share their content, you have to be smart and use that information.” Lunar Gravity has a team of specialists that like to puzzle their way through complex ideas and try to integrate them into working models. “In the background, there is much more programming than anyone can imagine. We take it upon ourselves to make that experience for the user as smooth as possible. For them, it’s all fun and games, but it’s serious business for us.” The team at Lunar Gravity want to think every idea through to the smallest detail and eventually test it to know if everything is on the right track. It is the countdown, right before the liftoff.