Discover Benelux, Issue 21, September 2015

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A fairytale getaway Autumn is slowly approaching, so why not escape to the land of the fairies and childhood dreams, where the sun is always shining and vibrant colours fill the horizons? Turn things upside down with these quirky designs that will bring about rays of happiness, even if the weather outside is a little grim. TEXT: CAROLINE EDWARDS | PRESS PHOTOS

2. Creative shapes, mind-blowing colours The Dutch Studio Snowpuppe is known for its fun-loving approach to design. Here lamps are created from creative minds, folded with butterfly paper and brought to life by an artistic touch. Evoking a sense of adventure, the Moth Gradient lamp from Snowpuppe provides you with just the right amount of light. €160

1. Your own castle hideout The Fantasia playhouse from Exit offers the perfect escape for children and adults alike. With its bright green colours and Alice in Wonderland shape, it’s both fun and aesthetically pleasing. Let your children enter the magic grounds, right into the heart of their own fairytale. Price upon request.

3. The magical book basket If you love books, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of storing your beloved items in a magical book basket. Dutch Design Brand, from the Netherlands, creates sustainable products at competitive prices, always with a greener planet in mind. Just sit back and enjoy this literary masterpiece. From €20

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4. Playtime furniture Imagine a world where all toys come to life? An imaginary place where the interior of your playhouse or building block fortress suddenly pops up in real-life sizes? Pepeheykoop does just that. Its colourful Brickchair looks like a little piece from a dollhouse, only bigger. €4,000

5. Colourful creations Round and colourful, the bXL tables from Bernoitneubourg Design are pieces to be remembered. Created to stir the imagination, the circular furniture is the perfect fit for a creative household, adding to the fairytale feel on even the coldest of days. Price upon request