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Discover Benelux | Creating Brand Experiences | DAY / Creative Companion

What’s your destination today? TEXT: CATHY VAN KLAVEREN | PHOTO: DAY

“According to the dictionaries a ‘destination’ is the intended end-point of a journey. To DAY creative business partners, it’s something else. “It’s a place people want to experience. Destinations provide brands and businesses a world of opportunities to engage their audiences and strengthen relationships,” says Louk de Sévaux, one of the founding partners of DAY.” DAY creates brands people love and places where people want to be. “We are currently turning the ageing headquarters of KNVB, the Royal Dutch Football Association, into the KNVB campus. A place where athletes, coaches, fans, sponsors and businesses come together. It will become the heart of football in the Netherlands, with a focus on performance, education, innovation and training.”

experiences. “Having creative people and strategists work together, we are able to come up with completely new, relevant and refreshing solutions,” De Sévaux explains.

Your next destination for outstanding brands and experiences:

DAY is the proud winner of six Red Dot awards. They are recognised for their strategic and design excellence in branding and experiences such as retail environments, visitor centers and other unique customer touch points. Having offices in Amsterdam and Dubai they work for international clients such as Nike, Zalando, Bugaboo, Van Gogh Museum, Baskin-Robbins, Jumeirah Hotels and Media Markt.

Creative thinking is part of DAY’s DNA. Being both rational and imaginative, DAY creates solid strategies and meaningful, memorable Abu Dhabi Terminals visitor centre.

Ziggo Home; a traveling house of interactive content.

Connecting business, people and technology TEXT: JANINE STERENBORG | PHOTO: CREATIVE COMPANION

“We create synthesis within companies, rather than just building bridges between departments,” states Creative Companion owner Christof Zürn. “With this approach we take our clients’ businesses to the next level and help them to transform their organisation.” At Creative Companion, Zürn works as a generalist, connecting business, people and technology with a focus on overall brand innovation, using design-related tools like brand personality, customer insights, customer journey, persona development and action learning. Zürn explains: “Many large companies consist of different departments, with highly skilled people working in silos. A lot of knowledge and data is available, yet it’s a challenge to effectively work together.” That’s where Creative Companion

comes in. “As a facilitator we support companies in simplifying their business, helping them to merge quantitative and qualitative customer insights to innovate and transform the company into a design-centric organisation.”

“In these processes, it is key for us to work closely together with our clients, instead of just for them. I work like a jazz musician: great music comes from great collaboration!”

Currently Creative Companion is working as an interim UX-lead for De Rechtspraak, the Dutch Judiciary, on a quality and innovation project about digital accessibility with a user-centered design approach. For the Netherlands' famed theme park De Efteling, Zürn developed and designed personas based on big data, qualitative research and brand values. Earlier he trained the service design team at Bosch in Germany and helped to transform the marketing team of Vlisco from a company selling fabrics, into an acclaimed design and client-focused fashion brand.

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