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Interior design is moving along with the situation Interior designing is much more than just determining what looks beautiful in a certain room or figuring out which colours have the desired effect.“The fun part is that every time I get to create a unique world,” says Jos Bogaarts, interior designer and owner of Buro Bogaarts. TEXT: BERTHE vAN DEN HURK | PHOTOS: BURO BOGAARTS

“Every design is like having a little party. Figuring out how a space can be optimally used within the style and needs of the client. Each assignment is different, and every time I feel like designing the décor of someone’s life.”

But it even goes beyond that. At a home I visited, I noticed that the clients preferred to walk barefoot. I would have never discovered this if I had only spoken to them in the office. Now I was able to implement this little observation into the design.”

become. I offered them a cup of coffee, and a chance to dry up. I looked beyond the soaked clothes and saw the humans they were. Eventually, they came up with this fantastic assignment, and became the best clients the company ever had.”

To become aware of all the needs and wishes of clients, it is very important to get to know the client very well. A visit and a conversation are obvious necessities, but for more than just to figure out what their wishes are, people always tell more that they say. Bogaarts: “Body language tells me a lot about people. The way they talk and move, are they introverts or extroverts?

Bogaarts believes that appearance does not say anything about people. “Before I started Buro Bogaarts, I worked at a different company. One day a couple came in, both in ponchos and both completely spoiled by the rain. Because of this, my colleagues where somewhat reluctant to help them. Somehow they didn’t think much of the possible clients they could

It is all about the client

52 | Issue 16 | April 2015

Bogaarts: “My team and I do not have a specific style or signature. We believe that it is not about our styles or tastes, but that of the client. No one is the same, so each assignment is different. The diversity is a challenge, but a good one.” The same applies for following trends. That the team at Buro Bogaarts does not follow trends is

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Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.