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A creative team that makes the best out of their individual skills TEXT: CATHY vAN KLAvEREN | PHOTOS: PUUR PLUS

Why not put people together with each their own skill, professionalism and vision, and try and make interior and exterior dreams come to life? It was a thought by Stefan Bennebroek, founder of Puur Plus design team in Amsterdam. And it worked well, his business never stopped growing.

being listened to,” Bennebroek says. It is why his team is interdisciplinary: architects, interior designers, retail specialists and engineers work together. “We do a lot of assignments abroad. That is why I now have seventeen members on my staff. It’s not about the ego of us, the designer, but all about the location and the user.”

Don’t think of it as merely an architectural bureau. Or just an interior design team. He and his creative team take every step of a consumer’s or company’s wish serious. He takes it to a personal level. Bennebroek is the kind of man who makes every second of his working day count, but doesn’t let his full day take over his mood. He realises the people he works for are very important to him, because he thinks the way the relationship evolves with a client is crucial for the outcome.


of it. “If our client is a restaurant owner, we show it in our design. Everything needs to fit, nothing can be out of balance. Which is why one of the biggest compliments is when people tell us it’s like the design has been there all along. It’s a type of timelessness we seek.” www.puurplus.nl

“You get to know people very well. Every subject, every possible angle is being taken care of. Clients need to know their wish is

Bennebroek explains how the combined forces make for one, as he thinks that exterior and interior need to ‘melt together’. “Then it’s nice to have different specialists trying to make the best of an assignment. I like to think we look at millimetres, not centimetres.” He tells about an assignment where his team made panels that included thousands of pieces of brass. “It made for quite a magnificent exchange of light. It is also the way we do our work: you don’t have to like it, but you can always see we put a lot of effort into it.” His team characterises itself by letting the design flow into the room, as if it was part

Issue 16 | April 2015 | 49

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Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.