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Discover Benelux | Mini Theme | A Chocolate-rich Easter

A chocolate-rich Easter Each year, the Easter period is a top occasion for French chocolatiers to demonstrate the creativity and excellence of their know-how. Defining the DNA of French chocolate is difficult. The key differentiating points are more about precise work on textures, careful selection of raw materials, workmanship in flavour balance and focus on design. French chocolate is a style, a philosophy, a symbol of diversity. TEXT: TANGUY ROELANDTS | PRESS PHOTO

French chocolate is not a marketing product. The French Chocolatiers and Confectioners Confederation represents 4,500 companies composed of artisans, SME manufacturersretailers and retail businesses. In addition to its role of protection and promotion of the profession, the Confederation seeks and initiates new trends. Easter conveys a profusion of different styles: gilded eggs with fine gold, chocolate lace, garlands of flowers, chocolate rabbits, chickens, fish and other amazing tasty creations. With consumers both attached to traditions and demanding new proposals, French chocolatiers show a great capacity for innovation. Moulding techniques are evolving, creating new shapes that are ever more playful, vivid, and customised. Packaging is carefully chosen

Whatever its shape, colour or case, chocolate is expected, hoped for and coveted by generations. Chocolate makers work with rigour and passion to perfect their chocolate, immersing fans in a sweet universe of sensations and emotions. These connoisseurs of chocolate have contributed to its taste education, transmittance of cocoa secrets and chocolate transformation. Chocolate holds a key place in French gastronomy – which has been listed by UNESCO World Heritage as a value to be protected – and will feature prominently at the Milan World Expo 2015 this summer.

to enhance the product as Easter chocolate is primarily a treat, a beautiful object and an object of desire.

Tanguy Roelandts is president of the French Chocolatiers Confectioners and Biscuits Confederation.

A young talent on the French chocolate scene After a relentless journey garnering multiple qualifications and experience with some truly great names, Tony Speranza is now running his own establishment. ‘Great names’ is no exaggeration: he worked at legendary chocolatiers Bernachon in Lyon, with world champion chocolatier Jean-Paul Savioz, with René Fontaine who won the title ‘France’s finest worker’, and with Paul Bocuse at his world famous restaurant in Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or. TEXT: MARTIN PILKINGTON | PHOTOS: L'OR-FèvE

Finally in 2011 Tony created his own chocolate and ice-cream emporium in St-Jeand’Ardières in the Beaujolais. “I’d gone as far was possible in terms of training, and was keen to face further challenges,” he says. In the same year he set up his business, Tony obtained the title of Master Artisan Chocolatier, followed by a similar award for his icecream making. “I’m totally committed to the defence of France’s gastronomic culture and heritage, as winning such recognition demonstrates,” he adds. “Our chocolates are sent out across the globe, for connoisseurs whose palates want to experience the pleasures of what the product can be. To make them thus, we only use the finest raw materials selected from the best suppliers in France and in those countries that produce the most delectable cocoa beans.”

12 | Issue 16 | April 2015

A new speciality born in his boutique pays homage to (and surely enhances!) the local celebrations of Les Conscrits, a traditional festival. Its flower, the bright yellow mimosa, and ‘Speranza’ combine in the name ‘the Mimanza’: “It’s a small yellow ball of lemony

almond paste, robed in lemon-flavoured white chocolate,” he enthuses: “We guarantee a thrill of pleasure with everyone.” www.or-feve.com

LEFT: Master Artisan Chocolatier Tony Speranza. MIDDLE: The Mimanza: balls of almond paste, robed in lemonflavoured white chocolate.

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Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.