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Discover Benelux |  Special Theme |  Summer Holiday Escapes

Cruise Europe’s waterways with Le Boat With over forty years of experience, Europe’s number one boating vacation company offers a unique service in making your cruising dreams come true. TEXT: BETTINA GUIRKINGER  |  PHOTOS: LE BOAT

From canals, lakes and rivers, take in the beautiful passing landscape from the comfort of your own boat – with no previous experience required. Le Boat owns and operates the largest and most stylish fleet of self-drive cruisers available on the market today, allowing you to plan your holidays with friends and family as you wish. With plenty of destinations to choose from, there  is  something  for  anyone  looking  to see Europe from its waterways rather than its highways. In France alone, the company offers a selection of routes within nine different  regions,  crossing  historical  landmarks and breath-taking landscapes – with a unique viewpoint on the local flora and fauna.  Over  the  years,  Le  Boat  has  expanded its coverage to Germany, Italy, Belgium,  the  Netherlands,  Poland,  England, Scotland  and  Ireland.  One  of  the  advantages of choosing Le Boat is the possibility to organise one-way trips to your destination in case you have a tight schedule. 

Built around the concept of ‘happiness on a  boat’,  the  company  owns  869  boats, spread over 25 locations in France alone and 14 over the rest of Europe. Customisable to your personal needs, Le Boat has a range of cruiser models to fit your budget, number of passengers and vacation plan. For greater cruising ambitions, you will find a  fine  selection  of  canal  boats  and  river cruisers for sale at a wide price range.  With  all  boats  equipped  for  a  maximum level of comfort, you can expect to find a fully equipped kitchen, hot and cold running water, lounges, en-suite showers and bathrooms,  and  for  the  more  modern boats: air conditioning and TV. You will also be  provided  with  all  the  tools  to  ensure safe  cruising,  from  navigational  charts  to mooring tools, first aid kits and life jackets.  Le Boat offers dedicated and personalised attention to its customers ahead of, during and after cruising so that before taking off

to your adventure you will be extensively briefed on how to plan your route, become a master at locking your boat and finding the adequate spots where to moor.  For a unique holiday in a unique setting, Le Boat  makes  sure  you  return  home  with unforgettable memories.  www.leboat.com

  Contact the French office: www.leboat.fr info@leboat.fr +33 468 94 42 40

Issue 14 |  February 2015 |  37

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Discover Benelux, Issue 14, February 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Discover Benelux, Issue 14, February 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.