Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015

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Discover Benelux |  Fashion |  Philomijn

Timeless and honest designs Leather products that are artisanal, timeless and made with love and attention. Everything is produced as sustainably as possible, and with a sharp eye for quality. Atelier PHILOMIJN designs it all: bags, wallets, belts, tablet covers and cushions. “The design must be original but timeless, so it is still fashionable in ten years,” says Philomijn Eijssen, founder of PHILOMIJN. TEXT: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK  |  PHOTOS: PHILOMIJN

PHILOMIJN  is  a  company  that  creates luxurious leather (unisex) bags and interior accessories, but it all started with the creation of a scarf. Philomijn: “I still was a student, I had no money at all, and had nothing else than a piece of wool. I created a scarf  which  I  wore  myself.  The  stores  I went  to,  to  sell  my  products,  wanted  to buy the scarf immediately. From that point on I started PHILOMIJN. Later on, I created a leather version of that scarf.”

Honest and sustainable designs According  to  Philomijn,  simplicity  and functionality should go hand in hand. “We like fashion but we are not in fashion,” she says.  This  means  that  PHILOMIJN  does not participate in the trends and seasons of the fashion world. This enables her to supply the products all year round, which 62 |  Issue 13 |  January 2015

is different from other fashion companies. “The designs are timeless and honest. All our  products  are  produced  as  authentically and sustainably as possible. Everything  is  manufactured  in-house.  We  can switch  and  deliver  quickly  because  we have a great network of craftsmen.”

Philomijn:  “We  want  to  create  honest products. Most of our craftsmen are locals  or  located  in  the  Netherlands.” Leather  becomes  more  beautiful  over time and when used. “At fairs, we often bring  along  used  bags,  so  people  can see how beautifully the leather ages.”

The collection is sold in high-end fashion boutiques  and  interior  stores  in  the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Philomijn: “Our goal is to grow in Europe. Our bags love traveling, so we also want to go overseas.”

Luxurious leather PHILOMIJN  only  uses  the  best  leather from Italy. All the leather is as sustainably produced  as  possible;  they  even  have leather  which  is  100%  ecological.