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A M S T E R D A M ’ S   z U I D A S

Connecting business In September 2016, the I-tower of the World Trade Center Amsterdam will be available for rent. This is very special because the occupation rate has been very high (97 per cent) in recent years. Therefore availability was relatively small and spread out over several towers. TEXT & PHOTOS: WTC AMSTERDAM BUSINESS CLUB

tacts, and organises the programmes and takes care of the marketing and communication.

This year, more than 15,000 square metres of office space will become available. This offers  opportunities  for  larger  (and  smaller) parties who want to be accommodated at the zuidas and/or in the World Trade Center. For  WTC  Amsterdam  Business  Club  this also creates new and interesting opportunities. The last few years we have had a stable number of approximately 560 members. With the possibility of new companies we are also able to grow. And growth for a Business  Club  means  new  business  opportunities for its members.

At the heart of the Zuidas Since the opening of the World Trade Center Amsterdam in 1985, WTC Amsterdam Business Club has been an inspiring and valuable meeting place for business contacts.  The  club  is  primarily  intended  to serve the directors and managers of companies  within  the  premises  of  the  World Trade Center Amsterdam and/or the Amsterdam zuidas area, the business heart of the Netherlands.

54 |  Issue 13 |  January 2015

Business focus

All of the 330 tenants in the World Trade Center  Amsterdam  are  represented  in WTC  Amsterdam  Business  Club.  More than 95 per cent of the membership has offices in the greater metropolitan Amsterdam area. Our members are employed at companies  including  Kempen  &  Co, Michael  Page,  IMC  Financial  Markets  & Asset Management, ABN Amro, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi  UFJ  (Holland)  N.V,  Free University Amsterdam, Houthoff Buruma, Amsterdam RAI, Mövenpick and Akzo Nobel. Godfried Schölvinck is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the club. He maintains contacts with the (prospective) members, the media and neighbourhood con-

WTC Amsterdam Business Club has a diverse range of programmes with both content-rich and more informal elements. Several themes relate to the current state of affairs in the zuidas area, such as talent development, infrastructure, electrically powered  transportation,  accessibility,  art  and the public space, and are presented on a recurring basis. Six events per year are organised to provide opportunities to make new contacts. A variety of speakers have inspired us already.  Amongst  them  are  Dick  Berlijn, Frans Timmermans, Mart Visser, Hans van Breukelen and Prince Maurits van Oranje. If you would like to learn more, we have always  time  for  a  cup  of  coffee  to  provide you with further information.